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In memory of Zephyr Illuminatus, the Blue Dragon


my home, and adventuring companion, Zephyr, has met an untimely end… 

On the night of Thursday, April 7th, while Marla and I were enjoying dinner with Kate and Ash,  a fire serpent escaped the woodstove and quickly devoured the entire bus.

Aside from my banjo, flutes, flute making tools, and a few changes of clothes, everything I once owned went up in smoke.

The Blue Dragon, during

Ash, Kate, Marla, and I did our best to battle the blaze, but to no avail… It was all we could do to keep the nearby trees from catching fire as well… Two young women from the Applegate Volunteer department arrived on the scene with a high pressure hose truck and within an hour managed to get the flames under control…


the following day I sifted through the ashes, and found very little intact… though surprisingly, two of my mother’s hand carved wooden marionettes somehow survived…  I also found my crystal ball, three harmonicas, and a few other stones, buried in the wreckage…  

The Blue Dragon, after

spirit has many ways of helping us see our highest path…  and I thank the Most High, and all my guardian angels that marla and I are safe and surrounded by such wonderful family, friends, and tribe…


Dreams can be windows, through which we see ourselves… or doorways through which we travel to meet our souls…  The dream that was Zephyr Illuminatus carried me through that door into the wild countries beyond, and with gratitude I release his spirit that he may fly free once more…


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